Child Birth Education

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Childbirth Education Classes include a one or two year membership to Dunedin Parent Centre.

Use our online form to sign up for a Childbirth Education Class and centre membership.

Topics include:

  • Exercises for pregnancy and childbirth
  • Nutrition and wellbeing
  • Your labour bag
  • Normal labour
  • Complications
  • Pain Relief options (self help and medical)
  • Practical parenting
  • Breastfeeding
  • Changes in family relationships
Courses are run from our own rooms with experiences from new parents offered to allow ‘real life’ stories to be discussed. There are plenty of opportunities for getting to know other class members.
Our classes are facilitated by members of our Centre who are qualified Childbirth Educators and have a passion for providing up-to-date information to expectant parents to prepare them in their new role. Our classes are a great place to meet others in the same situation and make lifelong friends.
Spaces fill up quickly and we recommend that you plan to complete your course by the time you are around 36 weeks if possible, so don’t delay!

2021 Child Birth Education Course Dates

Course 1 (SORRY FULL – wait list only): Babies due in March/April
Course Dates:  Wednesdays 20th January to 24th February 2021

Course 2 (SORRY FULL – wait list only): Babies due in May
Course Dates:  Mondays 22nd February – 29th March 2021

Course 3 (SORRY FULL – wait list only): Babies due in June/July
Course Dates:  Wednesdays 14th April to 19th May 2021

Course 4: Babies due in August
Course Dates:  Wednesdays 2nd June to 7th July 2021

Course 5: Babies due in September
Course Dates:  Wednesdays 21st July – 25th August

Course 6: Babies due in October/November
Course Dates:  Mondays 23rd August – 27th September

Course 7: Babies due in November/December
Course Dates:  Wednesdays 8th September – 13th October

Course 8: Babies due in December/January
Course Dates:  Wednesdays 3rd November – 8th December

Contact us to enrol:

Dunedin Parents Centre
155 Kenmure Road
P O Box 7126