Toy Library

Our Toy Library provides a large variety of toys, puzzles, games, activites for young children and they’ll love being able to choose their own toys which they can borrow for a fortnight at a time.

Dunedin Parents Centre members automatically gain access to the toy library with no extra borrowing fees


Monday – 11:20 am to 11.40am (after playgroup)

Tuesday – 11:20am to 11.40am (after playgroup)

Wednesday – 11.50am to 12.10pm (after playgroup)

Thursday – 1.30pm to 2pm (after playgroup)

Friday – 11.50am to 12.10pm (after playgroup)

Sundays* – 3.30pm-4.30pm (*Every 3rd Sunday throughout the month)

Come along and have a look. Or for inquiries, contact the centre or email the toy library at

Browse our Toy Database to see what is available.